FP7 ICT “Experiential Living Labs for the Internet Of Things”  – ELLIOT (https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/258666). The ELLIOT project aims to develop an Internet Of Things (IOT) experiential platform where users/citizens are directly involved in co-creating, exploring and experimenting new ideas, concepts and technological artefacts related to IOT applications and services. ELLIOT allows studying the potential impact of IoT and the Future Internet in the context of the Open User Centred Innovation paradigm and of the Living Lab approach. The research programme is built upon four main activities: i) Study and develop a set of KSB (Knowledge-Social-Business) Experience Models integrating social, intellectual-cognitive, economical, legal and ethical aspects related to the use of IOT technologies and services into a single, holistic meta model. ii) Design and develop an Experiential Platform where the KSB Experience Models will be implemented to explore socially enabled ICT/IOT, including its validation as well as the corresponding impact evaluation. This experiential platform will operate as a knowledge and experience gathering environment in the IOT context. iii) Explore the potential of user co-creation techniques and tools, such as serious gaming, participative requirements engineering and verification/validation, in the context of IOT. iv) Experiment within three Living Labs, each composed of a physical space artefact, a information space architecture and a societal space community. Various scenarios were concurrently defined in three different sectors, namely Logistics, Wellbeing and Environment.