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EU Proposal preparation

Based on our experience in many EU projects, we can offer some dedicated services for applying in Horizon Europe andother European funding schemes. The support may cover: training on how to write proposals, understanding EU programs and proposals, call analysis, proposal development, consortium planning, quality control of an existing proposal, support and monitoring definition of specific proposal sections, proposal planning and writing, project communication planning and writing, etc.

EU Project Implementation

After a proposal is approved Virtech can support the administrative, financial and legal management of the, as well as the dissemination, communication and exploitation strategies. We can monitor the project the project implementation – its technical and financial progress through technical reports. We have the expertise to execute the dissemination of R&I results, and support the transfer of technology and the methods of exploiting R&I results with partners, as well as develop social innovation tasks. We can also manage the exploitation phase of the results and develop the strategy for using them for commercial purposes or for public policy development.

ICT Consulting

Virtech provides strategic and technological consultancy services that respond to the demands of the market. The company supports the development of an enterprise architecture that helps translate business strategy into ICT strategy and design the ICT solutions that can adequately support current and future business evolutions. Its successful application is a prerequisite for obtaining a structured, comprehensive view of the organization at all levels and ensuring the seamless integration between business and ICT. We provide support in making innovation a value-adding element of the company by developing the skills needed to maximize the innovation potential. Virtech provides support in every stage of the ICT infrastructure management and ensures implementing an approach to increase the added value of the organization.

Business Consulting

Virtech is a company specialized in business consulting for early stage innovative companies with a multidisciplinary team. We realise that the role of startup consulting can be vital in keeping a company development in its early stage.  We can provide business mentoring – to assess aspects like finances, hiring, company procedures, marketing efforts and the ability to scale. We support companies in product development and in bridging a product from idea to the market, e.g. by applying the minimum viable product (MVP) – a development method in which a new product is developed with limited features to satisfy adopters. The complete set of features designed and developed after taking feedback from the product’s initial users. The growth consultation services are also in place.